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Rules for mounting a satellite dish

The Issue

Landlords and neighborhood associations may object to a tenant's or homeowner's use of a satellite dish to obtain satellite content and will unfairly pressure their tenants and homeowners to discontinue using the satellite dish forcing them to abandon satellite as a source for entertainment and news.

The Reality

The Federal Communications Commission's (FCC) Over-the-Air-Reception-Devices (OTARD) rule allows homeowners and renters the right to install satellite dishes on their homes and places of residence. The OTARD rule was enacted to ensure landlords, condominium boards and neighborhood associations do not enact regulations preventing consumers the right to choose.

For a full explanation of the OTARD regulations and additional information about installing consumer-owned antennas and satellite dishes, click here to visit the FCC website.

How You Can Help

Americans deserve the right to choose their own form of entertainment. Television is our connection to the world which provides numerous benefits to our communities, so don't let misinformed landlords, community organizations or municipalities take away satellite.

Is your landlord, HOA or municipality preventing you from getting satellite?