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Benefits of Satellite TV and Broadband Internet

The Benefits of Satellite

With over 34 million subscribers in the US, satellite TV has become an important link for consumers and businesses across the country. These subscribers choose satellite for the numerous benefits that the service can provide...

Available to anyone, anywhere in the US

Satellite video and broadband is available to everyone whether you live in a major city or miles from the nearest town. Customers are not restricted to one provider, and instead are able to choose the service which best suits their needs.

No effect on existing infrastructure

Since satellite is beamed over the airwaves, there's no need to dig up roads or tie up utility poles with additional lines. Satellite service can be beamed directly to customers without negatively affecting a community's existing infrastructure.

More choices for programming

Satellite video offers consumers more choices than cable. Customers can choose from unique channel packages that focus on the programming that you really want, such as: cultural programming, religious programming, and international programming. Plus satellite has been an innovator in DVR technology, allowing subscribers to record and watch more channels than ever before.

Higher customer service ratings

Customers love satellite service for a number of reasons. It offers more programming options with better pricing, better quality, more reliability and service in remote places that cable companies won't go.

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