Save the TV shows you love!Help reenact STELAR to ensure satellite users stay connected at a fair price.

Reauthorize and Revitalize the Satellite Home Viewer Act

More than 870,000 satellite subscribers, many in the most rural areas of the country, receive at least one distant network signal from DIRECTV or DISH. In many cases, only the Satellite Act permits them to receive network television at all.

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How does satellite strengthen communities?


Families depend on television and Internet service to get the news, watch their favorite sports team, or catch the latest episode of their favorite show.

Creating Jobs

The satellite industry supports over 200,000 jobs across the country. It's not only large providers, but also local installers, customer service reps and retailers

Disaster Relief

When disaster strikes, satellite provides communities with the necessary resources to continue operations and recover their technology infrastructure.

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Stay informed on satellite

This website is hosted by a coalition of direct broadcast satellite providers, including DIRECTV, DISH Network, HughesNet, Exede and the Satellite Broadcasting & Communications Association (SBCA). Our mission is to provide concerned satellite customers, state legislators and taxpayers with information that allows them to form their own opinions about the latest issues related to satellite in their state and respond accordingly.

The SBCA is the national trade organization representing the industry and consumers who enjoy satellite. SBCA provides industry leadership and advocates for consumer access to the best in satellite delivered services and assuring it's availability at a fair price.

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